A Look Back to the Past

This week we hosted the grand-daughter of the previous owner of our property.  Well, I guess previous-previous since Lila (and Russell) Gibson would be the true previous owners.

house-fred-lela-webster-smallerWe’re posting up two photos … the first is when Lynda’s grandparents, Fred and Lela owned it, and at the front door is Lynda’s mother.  Fred and Lela took possession of the property before 1950 (more details to be determined).  Lynda would visit the property many times as a child and showed us a number of family photos of the property and the surrounding area.

Fred’s sister lived with Fred and Lela for a number of years and a good part of the gardens are her creation.

house-russell-lila-gibson-smallerNext is from the late 1960’s, after Russell and Lila purchased the property.  It had sat vacant for a number of years.  Fred had passed away while living here and a time after that, Lynda’s father and family convinced Lela to move to the city to be closer to the family.  But they continued to visit and stay in the area, including the Wigamog Inn just down the road.  Notice the “Gibson” sign off the light standard, the tilting arbour and the overgrown landscaping.  Russell was more of a let-it-grow kind of gardener.  Frankly, he wasn’t much of a gardener.  🙂  Still very beautiful though for all its natural wilderness.

In this summer’s lawn re-do, we discovered debris from the original house which burned down in the 70s.  We also found some lost GI Joe army figures that belonged to Lynda and her brother — though now we can’t remember where we put them.  Hopefully, they’ll turn up.

It was just amazing to hear about life on this property in a previous generation — completely different building and property focus — the property was wider and the house, appearing now as on one side of the property, was more centered.

Also, Fred was the one who built “The Dog House” — the current building we call the cabin and which we rent out.  Lynda was thrilled to have stayed in there – a building she was once forbidden to enter as a child on account of all the wood-working tools in there.  It was “The Dog House” because Lela would send Fred there on any fights or disagreements.  He’s the one who carved the lettering on our fireplace.

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