Spring Thaw

100_6775We just had a beautiful weekend in the Highlands.  Lots of sun and great temperatures.  I can’t see too many mounds of snow left in the yard and the lake ice is just about to give way.  With rain in the forecast, this should be the final week for the ice.  And we hope our dock isn’t too badly damaged — it was floating until yesterday sometime when the ice pushed it up on the rocky shore.  That thing is a pain to fix – so heavy and water-logged.

100_6778And we also got our first flowers this week.  They popped out of the herb/tomato garden that is connected to our patio.  I’ve also spotted the rhubarb buds.  They’re rich-red in colour and alien-looking bubbles until they start producing leaves.  I’m really looking forward to making rhubarb pudding cake again.  I’m really fond of my memories of my mom making this when I was a kid:  warm cake top over a compote of rhubarb, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  So delicious!

– Dan

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